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Gas & Street

1820 N. Co. Rd. 300 N
Osgood IN 47037
24-hour Dispatch #: 812-689-0178

Reconnect Fees: $40.00

What to do if you smell gas

Natural gas has an odor similar to rotten eggs so that even the smallest leaks can be detected. Follow these steps if you smell gas at your home or business:

  • Do not turn on any lights or use the telephone including cell phones.
  • Ensure everyone leaves the house or building immediately.
  • Use a telephone away from the questionable building to call the Osgood Utilities at - 24/7 Call Center: 812-689-0178 - Gas Dept: 812-689-3839 - Town Hall: 812-689-4240

In case there is no answer at any location above please dial 911.

Street Superintendent: Steve Wilhoit 
Street Assistant: Tim Kreutzjans

Call before you dig!