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The Town of Osgood kindly reminds you to


into the Street

Keep Clippings in the Yard... NOT in the Street.

Although the act of using a leaf blower isn't a violation, the act of blowing or leaving yard trimmings and similar material into the street is a violation. The Town of Osgood considers these acts to be a Town Ordinance Violation; therefore citations can be issued to mowing. contractors, lawn maintenance companies and homeowners who fail to properly collect and dispose of this material.

Why? Besides being a Town Ordinance Violation, grass clippings can also clog the Town's storm water drain system. When drains are clogged with clippings and debris, rain and storm water can back up and flood homes and property. Also, rain and storm water are not cleaned or treated, so when storm drains are used as a dumping ground, the results can be disastrous—and smelly.

So what's the best place for yard trimmings?

  • Sweep, collect and bag clippings and leaves.
  • Blow grass clippings back onto the lawn, where they become a mulch and natural fertilizer. 
  • Rake or blow leaves into a compost pile, where they can decompose without odor. If you use leaf blowers, side-discharging mowers or edgers for your lawn maintenance company.

Please follow these recommendations or remind your crew NOT to blow
grass clippings and leaves into the street or down storm drain inlets